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  1. Being able to use twitter in your phone instead of writing it in the chat, all of the twitter messages often get mixed up in between all the ooc text. Also twitter on your phone would be more realistic.
  2. Instead of using the arrows on your keyboard for the movement of your phone you can use your mouse for a my efficient and easier experience when using the phone, I think it would be faster and better.
  3. You should contact server staff about this, not put it in suggestions
  4. You should contact server staff about this, not put it in suggestions
  5. A very good suggestion
  6. Being able to purchase repair kits to fix your car for the times that there’s no mechanic available, this would be really useful and the kits should be pretty expensive since you can use the where and whenever you want without needing a mechanic.
  7. Simply a mod so that if you crash hard enough your engine shuts down completely, after it shuts down you eather have to fix your car or get it towed. I would find this usefull to prevent some future fail driving.
  8. Jay Diaz has first of all been on the server for a while, he is really good with creating scenarios in rp that make for a more interesting experience on the server with him, Jay is definitely one of the best rpers on the server.
  9. I see a very big problem when people are getting chased by the police and they crash very hard, after they've crashed they just continue when in real life your car would've been totaled and disabled. Basically adding a mod that can disable your engine after crashing hard would make for better rp and less fail driving. Also when having crashed you should be able to repair your car if you're not in a chase or in an rp situation, repair kits shouldn't be cheap it should be much cheaper to fix it at the mechanic and they shouldn't fix the exterior of your car, only the engine.
  10. Adding a option to carry people who are down would improve rp and make death situations more realistic, you could take people who have died and that are needing help to the hospital in need of help.
  11. Re-building the whole speed system of the cars. Make it so that cars don’t just lock on 170 so they can go past 170, but make them a bit slower. That way races on the highway are a lot more interesting etc. And it would make the car community very happy I think. We can take inspiration from other servers such as Nopixel or Rivalry.
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