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  1. Was everything sorted for you? @merciful
  2. To get started you would go to FiveM and search American dream gaming, once you are in and you are good to go nothing extra is needed.
  3. after your first renewal it should go on your account auto if not put a billing support ticket on discord and they will sort you out
  4. schwiftiii

    un ban app

    When someone is available we attempt to respond to all member applications and unban requests as soon as possible. But unfortunately our full administration team is all volunteer work and people have real life priorities sorry for the inconvenience on the timing.
  5. I wanted to start this thread because we were reminiscing in gen chat last night but wanted to outline some of the things that have kept me here and continue to drive rp for me. If the game mechanic is still in or not if its new or old I would love to hear some of your favorite moments/stories you have as well but I can start with my 3 favorite early moments that really made me not want to leave. Keep in mind at the time we have 70 people ques so it was dedication to play. All three take place in 2019. As legion is now when I first joined it was the place to store and get your cars. May have been the only garage if my memory severs me correct. But when restarts would happen people would flock to pg to make sure when you reloaded you could just get your car and go. With 5 minutes till restart we had maybe 40 people in the pg standing around and one person hops onto the car and says "HELLL YEAH" and raises his arms. As if the other 39 people on the ground were the aliens from toy story seeing the claw we all raised our hands and said "helll yeah" right back. Now it may seem tiny but I think for a good 6 months this became one of the most popular god damn phrases we said in the city and I eventually did it in IRL and facepalmed so hard it went out the back of my head. The second one is a cop story, how as a department we decieded to go on a fishing trip. We go out and are listening to music laughing but run out of gas. Another person is going by with his bout and about 15 sheriffs board his boat and ask him for a ride. We all had a great time he then applied and became a cop and worked his way up the ranks pretty good. The last is one of the times I laughed the hardest. We were at a gang controlled location, no one was speaking all guns out waiting and watching one spot. Someone walks in super late and puts us all on alert. He joins the group and it went quiet again until this one person who could not sit in silence any longer starts singing Bhad Bhabie. When I say I almost passed out from laughter I put down my headset and had to stand up I needed air that bad. So many good memories and unfortunately a lot of people from these stories have moved on lost interest over time or didn't have the time but a few of the OG's from this are still around.
  6. All are welcome here new and old. Best advise it to throw yourself into a character. The more you are willing to commit to it the more fun you can have with it
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