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  1. I can pinpoint my downfall in interest/"immersion" to when I started using discord. it became way too easy to communicate with a group of people and thus making the whole ADRP experience super easy to "win" in the city. I think the moment I realized everyone just used discord I connected the dots on past experiences and now realize that it was the reason certain things happened the way they did. I think no discord rule would honestly be great. Everyone is aware of the nopixel community and its success in entertainment. You don't see anyone in that community talking on discord and I think we could take a page out of their book of RP and do the same. It sucks knowing exactly what ruined it for me was that everyone was in a "ear piece".
  2. UPDATE: to rebuttal the conversation had at the server meeting. 1. the used car dealership would not cause the actual dealership to become obsolete. there will be, by nature, far less selection of cars and availability. 2. staffing the used car dealership will not be an issue.
  3. thank you. I will edit the post now edit: cant edit it, but would gladly post again with all information in a post if accepted
  4. Hello all. I have a suggestion that will fix current used car dealership problems, and add more RP into the city introduction: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MK55yW0SQN8RiH8XjBSu3xoW8TKPNktGu4rggbTj4w0/edit?usp=sharing Handbook: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1cXsgVtloWJWMGEeldNcGEcG5dKNvSO8FFKYY-PqODHg/edit?usp=sharing
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