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  1. It would be cool if we had some sort of /Hat and /glasses for those of us who like to have an outfit with hats, glasses and masks. For example if this was a feature I would do something like f5 put mask on, even if it remains the same and takes the current hat/glasses no big deal, just a quick /hat and /glasses and boom problem solved.
  2. hatez

    EMS Vehicles

    The new EMS Ambulance "Ambulance Van 2" seems to have both a new handling file and sound, it now sounds like the EMS Tahoe. The EMS Tahoe now instantly crashes your game client side when attempting to take it out of the garage or when attempting to view in vehicle shop.
  3. I remember the first time I met Jeberrrrdiiiiii, he was new to the server and I helped show him some of the ropes of the criminal world. since then he has flourished and thrived. his RP has always been top notch, even when he was new and would go ooc to ask questions allot his RP was miles above that of the average new players. 10/10 would recommend NRP.
  4. this is honestly something this server needs badly and Dave is the perfect person to run it.
  5. hatez

    Frankie Mariano

    cool guy IRL and in game.
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