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  1. great minds think a like
  2. Also forgot to add, that the link I sent allows the ability to make it so the further you are from players, the quieter they will be. Which is awesome.
  3. I would love it if the whole discord voice channel side of things was abolished. Have some sort of nopixel based voice chat where it's all done in game/teamspeak, even the police radio system. If criminals wanted to use some sort of ear piece, it would have to be done in game, where they would select a radio channel and they can talk to whoever they want to no matter the distance (pretty much discord). However the only stipulation is that people in the proximity of the person talking, will still be able to hear them in game (unlike discord, where you have to hope they hot mic in both channels). Also, when people talk on the ear piece, an animation would occur (such as putting their hand to their radio etc) so if people were out of the proximity they would be able to see they are talking on the radio. Something that would add to this and make it a lot better, is if people could choose to whisper or shout, and when set on whisper people won't be able to hear them unless in the small radius. This would make it a lot more realistic and 10x more fun in my opinion, as it would mitigate the risk of meta, as well as make interactions with other players, including cops way more realistic as you could hear what they are saying in the radio as long as they don't whisper. Here is one source I've found: https://forum.fivem.net/t/release-tokovoip-a-teamspeak-based-voip-system/475479/13 but I'm sure you could find/make a better one.
  4. It would be nice to have a section in the houses/apartments for masks. For example, like outfits, each mask you buy you can save and name. Therefore each time you want to change mask, you don't have to go and buy it again, you can just go to your house and select which one you want.
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