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  1. Things like Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, and so on and so forth would be great to celebrate as a city in some way, in multiple parties where everyone (who gets along in a common setting for the RP) could relax, network, start fights, etc. Scenarios through the roof could be possible. I think it would be fun to hold raffles or car shows at like Liberty Square (that's what it is called right?) or whatever. Halloween we can do a server wide event for best costume or style as part of a theme. Christmas could be like snow in the city for the party and we all go up into the mountains maybe. Easter could be an egg hunt where you have to find someone in a certain restricted area and we could do multiple around the map and whoever first finds that person gets maybe 1 Million or a car of their choice... etc. Just random ideas really.
  2. I actually really like this idea. Could be fun... dangerous but fun. Would maybe even be like a gang event.
  3. Discord: Lunarein#6409 I have known Cal for the longest time on this server and even on the Outlaws server. Cal brings a lot of fun RP happenings to ADRP and is known by a lot of people. She can be anything from a neutral party to an all out party girl who helps get RP going and making sure everyone has a good time. While I cannot vouch for how much she follows the law, which I think is usually, she can be seen riding her bike or running and being a kind face to find throughout the day. Plus she is on a lot so she gets around.
  4. More dress options would be nice too!
  5. I love this! The first few sentences had me giggling
  6. Makall Winters... 21, soon to be 22, and still a wandering soul. Makall never knew really where she belonged. Growing up in Michigan in a small town was seclusion almost from the outside world. Safety. After a childhood of moving from country to country and state to state, it wasn't until her teen years that her father retired from the Air Force to the small Michigan town that she would end up meeting her best friend, Calypso Liontari, who helped Makall come out of her shell she found herself in from constantly losing contact with friends. The military brat life was a struggle. Never really having lived in a big city until college when herself and Cal went to college, the shock was overwhelming at times. If it had not been for the continuous support of Cal and her attempts at getting Makall out of her shell even further, Makall may have never ended up in a city like Los Santos. College created networks and strings Makall still pulls to this day, and she developed into a quirky and kind soul who was able to be around others. Her giggly personality is almost a defense mechanism at this point though. But after getting her degree in History, she found herself at another bump in the road. The passing of her mother. It shook Makall so much that she lost contact with Cal after college as she left out of state and to bigger and better things. Makall found herself teaching in Utah and eventually in a relationship, her first, that ended up with her becoming abused. The torment at the hands of a man she thought she could trust broke her. So much so that after he put his hands on her she didn't think she could get out of the situation. Though when her father found out, he sent her the funds secretly to buy a plane ticket home... but Makall was tired of running and hiding. She heard rumors of possibility in Los Santos, a California city riddled with potential and a doggy dog world. It attracted this broken soul. Without informing her father, Makall bought a one way ticket and arrived in Los Santos. With only so much money to her name, she bought a car and lived out of it while working as a sanitation specialist... that was until she was given a chance by Jeremy Clover, who saw some potential in her as an employee and soon, she was hired on as a dancer for the Vanilla Unicorn... a dancer. With her college degree she never made the money she did now, and she was forever grateful for the kindness bestowed upon her by Clover. Working for him brought Cal and Makall back together and it was as if her life was finally settling into place. But as with most good times in Makall's life, bumps again form, and this time she was abducted, planned to be sold off as a prostitute or for more sinister happenings. It was if everything began to crumble but had it not been for Cal, she would have not been found. Red Line, a crew in LS alongside others rescued herself and Cal, who was also abducted. This led to friendships and soon... love? Love... a strange thing Makall wasn't sure she really had known. Ever. She never quite felt protected after she left home, her father a man who would do anything to protect his only child. But then... a man named James entered the picture. At first Makall thought it was funny he even may have had an interest in her. Who would even want to be interested in her? Especially after being broken down by her last relationship... but James Gagnier was cut from a different cloth. He made her feel appreciated and it felt as though she was back in high school all over again. He wanted this as badly as she did and she hated herself for not believing Cal sooner when she told her of his feelings. But now... alongside being back with her best friend and being with great people... Makall feels she can call this place home. With a man who appreciates her as she does him, and supporting her bestie in all she does, Makall is finally happy. Warm inside and just content with all that happens. Los Santos is a city of hope for those knowing how to look.
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