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  1. Instant Replay is a feature that lets you capture what happened on your screen in the time period you set when you hit a key bind. This is a great feature to use when you want to capture something that happened. Did you get RDM-ed? Did you have a good interaction with someone? Something cool happened? You will be able to capture that into a clip that saves on your computer and share it how you want to. Depending on your setup, this guide will be different. 1. Nvidia Hit ALT + Z (or any other key bind you set up for Shadowplay UI) on your Desktop. This will show on your screen. If your instant replay is ON, turn it off by clicking on it and selecting "Turn off". Once it's off, click on the cog wheel on the far right to open the settings. Scroll down until you find "Privacy Control" and open it. Make sure this feature is ON. If you never used this software before, you will want to set up your audio too in the "Audio" tab that you can find when you open the cog wheel menu. There you will want to select your microphone so you can be heard on the clips you make. Once you turned Desktop capture on, go back all the way to the initial UI you see when opening Shadowplay and turn Instant Replay ON. You can now capture your gameplay in FiveM using shadowplay! 2. AMD --> https://www.nextofwindows.com/how-to-use-amd-relive-capture-screen-recording 3. OBS Studio -> https://www.obs.live/articles/2019/10/4/b6zieupip1h45bgewyvp6gamwube7g StreamLabs OBS -> https://streamlabs.com/content-hub/post/instant-replays-in-streamlabs-obs On OBS, the buffer will be displayed in a media source, you will have to record it with OBS once you got it playing back on screen.
  2. Queue moves as fast as people leave the server, you can apply for membership after a week of play time and obtain whitelist and member priority.
  3. Matt

    BMX Customs

    https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bmx-edit This Add-On brings BMX customization options and adds pegs to the BMX. It's not a big or game changing feature but it would be neat if we could customize our bikes.
  4. Matt

    Starting a gang?

    You can find everything you need here. You can try and start a gang or join the existing ones, I'd suggest joining some gangs before making your own to get a feel of it.
  5. Certain mod shops teleport you to a gang hideout with a mod shop inside them, when exiting the hideout you get teleported to the actual entrance. I believe this affects only interiors with mod shops inside.
  6. Ansley Air (soon to be PaX) is allowed to rent you helicopters, I don't believe you can own a personal heli if you're not a part of AA.
  7. Matt

    Location passes

    This is not a gang privilege, it's a way to keep the locations like laundry and processing under control. Did you get your tip and location the legitimate way? Good, then you have a pass that proves it. If you have a pass you most likely didn't meta the info.
  8. Matt

    Location passes

    I wouldn't push it as far as harvest goes, everything processing / laundry related can be RP-ed that there is a pass reader to enter the locations
  9. Matt

    Location passes

    Have "passes" issued to people with access to certain locations, a pass can be issued by someone who is authorized to do so (Lester or gang resale). This would eliminate randoms at drug locations and keep the locations clear of unwanted people. So, something like if data.pass == "secret code" then -- draw marker -- CurrentActionMsg -- TP end
  10. Matt

    Adjusting US Marshals

    We appreciate the vehicle garage getting fixed! It would be wonderful if we could get our salaries increased in the near future.
  11. The US Marshals have recently went through a lot of change and we appreciate all the hard work that's being done to make our job work. I didn't expect to have such a good time when I signed up for the US Marshals and I believe making the experience a bit more enjoyable for us would be nice. I do not speak for every member of the Marshals in this post, these are my opinions and thoughts and if any of the US Marshals wants to contribute to this topic feel free to leave your comment. Here's a list of current issues that should be addressed: Vehicle Spawner broken No priority queue Salaries still need to be increased Every time we need to get a vehicle we need to put a report in and some of us play in EU times and when we play there's no staff available to spawn a car for us. Even when there's staff online it can take a long time to get an answer due to high numbers of reports, I believe the staff is working consistently and doesn't need to be bothered with spawning in cars for us as much as they should focus on actual reports. The US Marshals are in no way police officers and we understand that, but we still do serve the law and assist the police force in any way we can. We are always eager to assist the police and we join most 10-90 calls with given permission beforehand but if we Code-0 in the middle of the 10-90 we still have to wait with our membership priorities. I understand a lot of people on this server have platinum and are placed to the start of the queue but there are still some of us who can't afford to pay a $100 for platinum. The US Marshals isn't a big group and I doubt we'll be expanding a lot and some sort of priority in queue would be useful. Once again I know we're not police but to apply for Police / EMS you don't need to be whitelisted to apply and for the US Marshals I believe you currently do have to be whitelisted. I'm not asking for much, priority over whitelisted members would come in handy in situations where a Code-0 happens. One more thing I'd like to cover is salaries. I know it got an increase recently but due to us being almost always exposed to losing our life when doing our Marshal duties, we usually run into people with guns who are not afraid to shoot and kill you and if we die our 2k salaries (I'm Deputy 1 so I'm not sure how much higher ranks are paid) are not going to make us enough money to buy a completely new carbine rifle and equipment (armor, clips, defibs), there's even a few of us who have tac ops and medical training and we can buy advanced guns that are quite expensive. Once our vehicle spawner is fixed we'll also be able to pull cars it will cost money, way more money than we currently make. The US Marshals have been very active lately and with all the crashes and deaths happening where we lose our gear and money it's very hard to get money back. I've been active on my marshal ever since I got my training done (29/05/2019) and I currently have 95k and half of that is what an officer gave me for weapons and equipment a few days ago, I know it's not a money sim but it would be nice for us to be paid a bit more so we don't have to be afraid of not having weapons or equipment and in future scenarios vehicles.
  12. Issue: Download speeds dropping to as low as 0.5 Mbps Description: About a month ago I started having issues with this server, tested with other servers and most of them work fine, the issue replicates on only few other NA servers.When I started playing everything was fine and as the updates were done to the server my download speed fell lower and lower, I'm currently downloading server files with 50 Kbps... I've checked my internet, everything is okay, I've used a VPN to connect and still get the same issue, I tried on two different machines with two different accounts and I still get this issue on both machines, it's like my connection is being limited to the server. While testing everything I've turned off Win defender, firewall and my anti-virus but nothing from those was blocking it, made all the firewall exceptions. I've heard some people complain they have a similar issue when downloading "bradleycars" resource, a fellow Marshall couldn't download server files for a day because of how slow it was or it was getting stuck. I've been keeping my eye out on the resource manager and I can see the download starting at 20-30 Mbps and dropping to 0.5-1 Mbps in an instant. https://i.imgur.com/YTo2dZC.gif https://i.imgur.com/h1I5y3J.gif I'm out of ideas and I really need help, it's unbearable to play with my connection to the server being so slow..
  13. The life of Matt Sheepster starts in the early nineties, in a small country ravaged by war in the Balkan peninsula. They say life used to be good there, brotherhood and unity, prosperity, happiness. But those stories were not always true. In the winter of 96, one year after the war was over, Matt was born. Unaware of his surroundings as he is just a baby, he did not know what world he came into. He lived in a small city on the border, not really the greatest place in the universe. The streets were filled with holes that the bombs made, some houses still destroyed, buildings in ruins, crime and violence in every corner of the city. As Matt was growing up and becoming more conscious and he started to realize where he is, and who the people surrounding him really are. He told himself that he will make something out of his life and move to the west. The land of freedom, money and everything your heart desires. The years have passed, things happened, some good and some bad. Once Matt was legally responsible for himself, he started to chase his dream, the land on the west. Los Santos.
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