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  1. To be honest Putther has failed RP horribly many many times without any consequences. I get that it's good to have him on ADRP coz he has like 300k on yt but still...
  2. Kind of agree with this suggestion tbh yeah @RScott economy is very high on this server but drug harvesting is definetely not Worth it even coke sucks tbh and it's not Worth buying the location for like 400k
  3. Important helicopter instruments like altitude, heading etc. in the bottom right corner when entering a heli just like the navy has for their planes. Would be VERY useful.
  4. Hope you get that role soon Jebadi
  5. Dont have to comment its already rejected lol
  6. Disc name: Bigboi#0870 Steam name: #goals. In my opinion George Carter brings a lot of really fun RP for the community. He roleplays very well as a 12 year old and has quality roleplay such as his burger store. I think he deserves to be a noticed roleplayer.
  7. Remove sticky bombs or restrict them more. In my opinion they are very overpowered.
  8. Add seatbelt indicator so that we can see if we're wearing our seatbelt or not.
  9. I think that many would like if you could have more than three characters. It would be nice to have at least 3 whitelist jobs then another char where you can do whatever you want.
  10. Yeah I know what would be nice is if private pilots also could have a garage so that they don't have to spawn choppers for us all the time
  11. Don't really like this idea in my opinion gangs already have enough priveleges and stuff so taking it this far would make it even more boring for people that are not affiliated with gangs.
  12. So people without pass are not able to harvest?
  13. Adding aircraft garage at LSIA where people with ATC tag can store for example helicopters so that they don't have to be spawned in. Would save a lot of time.
  14. Jebadi McCreedy is definetely one of the best and most active mechanics in the city. He is very social and roleplays good in my opinion. I haven't met him that much though but we are co-workers at the mech shop and from what I can see he roleplays very well and he is very active. Discord name is ~Heathen~#5845 and steam name is ~Heathen~.
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