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  1. so as I see nothing has bin done about it yet coke processing is still broken I have the hint I go over the icon I click e when it promps it but nothing happens the coke doesn't process also black market is still broken
  2. my inventory while gathering drugs exeeds the max of 58
  3. you cant buy stuff from it with dirty money and when u go to use clean money it takes the cash but doesn't give u anything so its acting like u bought it but you don't receive set item
  4. I bought the hint for 150k but all I got was a text saying insert hint here so I feel maybe the content was missing I have a video and picture proof if required that I can send via discord as was recorded on my phone. my name on discord is simples im one of the server mods
  5. With the current issues with selling drugs and the things that follow could we not go down the lines of arma 3 drug selling with selected peds that u sell your drugs to. Like laundering you have wait x amount of time. It means for one we could lower peds on the server increasing the overall quality of the server. For 2 it makes the doa more relevant as once they have the info cop busts etc can be set up. And thirdly it means cops arnt just getting 100 drug pings and gives them more time to patrol without orchardvil being a massive cluster
  6. since yesterday lspd have not received paychecks atall
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