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  1. Changed Status to Rejected
  2. You mean losing the key from your key chain when you crash and the vehicle is locked? Please create a bug report for it instead.
  3. We have plans implementing such jobs in the future, but it's nothing in our focus at the moment.
  4. We have delivery missions planned in the future, but it's not in our current focus. For the weigh stations, I doubt we're going to do such stuff, it simply doesn't fit in our vision.
  5. Suggestion accepted, we are going to implement healing at hospitals sometime soon.
  6. The player has been perm banned since 2019-06 due to racism. Sorry for the delay here!
  7. Player report has been rejected. Reason is that putther has been perm banned from ADRP since some months ago. He has had a bad history of bans in the past and doubt he is allowed back to this community ever again.
  8. You can shuffle seats using the K menu
  9. A company? You mean like a whistlisted job? We're not going to add those.
  10. No we want it to take a long time
  11. Changed Status to Accepted
  12. We're going to make it so you catch different fish, and them cook them before you sell them in a fishing store
  13. Changed Status to Accepted
  14. No we're not going to implement a stock market. But in the future item prices will vary depending on how much of the item has been sold. So for example if a lot of players sell weed then the price will go down. You'll be able to track the item prices in the stock market
  15. Changed Status to Rejected
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