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  1. The player has been perm banned since 2019-06 due to racism. Sorry for the delay here!
  2. Player report has been rejected. Reason is that putther has been perm banned from ADRP since some months ago. He has had a bad history of bans in the past and doubt he is allowed back to this community ever again.
  3. Player report denied, reason: abandoned
  4. Yea this is nothing we can help with. You'll just have to keep retrying. Or just wait it out.
  5. Changed Status to Rejected
  6. Why dont you implement it yourself
  7. https://americandreamrp.com/index.php?/staff/
  8. No. you must have a working microphone ingame. Read the rules
  9. Lol no, if you're getting the spinning wheel of death it might be due to the following Your steam name contains weird characters You've switched steam account after previously logging in with one of the two accounts
  10. Report a Player There are rules in place to make sure the game is played fairly - by everyone. People who tend to break them have a lack of respect to others, we have rules in place for reasons and those who break them will be punished. Evidence Sadly evidence is a must when you are reporting another player, that's just how it works. We also have some rules to the evidence as shown. Requirements for videos: Functional audio (your mic & ingame) Minimal 5 minutes of footage (can be shorter if the evidence is sufficient) Not been edited Decent quality Requirements for images: Decent quality Not been edited Staff word is final We ask you to at least accept the staff team result. If you cannot accept it and bother us it can result in a ban. We're here to help, not to serve for you. Submit a player Report
  11. Denied, you provided 0 information
  12. Hawaii_Beach


    Denied & Locking
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