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  1. Changed Status to Rejected
  2. You mean losing the key from your key chain when you crash and the vehicle is locked? Please create a bug report for it instead.
  3. We have plans implementing such jobs in the future, but it's nothing in our focus at the moment.
  4. We have delivery missions planned in the future, but it's not in our current focus. For the weigh stations, I doubt we're going to do such stuff, it simply doesn't fit in our vision.
  5. Suggestion accepted, we are going to implement healing at hospitals sometime soon.
  6. 2019-12-22 Happy holidays people . With the wipe coming soon we're focusing on improving many aspects on the server. Todays changes have had performance (FPS) as an focus. We all hope you hold your phone tight and have fun! Here's the list of changes: Removed the following jobs: reporter, fashion designer and being retired as a job. None of these will return Removed dialing favorite contacts (since it was not used) such as the cops, mechanic shop etc Many blips have gotten an updated sprite, color, size and label Fixed first set of blips missing labels General client sided performance improvements have been made, so you should see a minor FPS bump
  7. The player has been perm banned since 2019-06 due to racism. Sorry for the delay here!
  8. Player report has been rejected. Reason is that putther has been perm banned from ADRP since some months ago. He has had a bad history of bans in the past and doubt he is allowed back to this community ever again.
  9. 2019-12-08 The fishing job has been completly reworked. You now have to aquire your own boat, and drive to the available Fishing Spots around the map. Once there you must drop a fishing net and wait for a fish to be caught. Once you've caught enough fish you must craft an camp fire in order to cook all your fish. Head over to the crafting station and use the following recipe: 4x wood to craft a camp fire. Once you've placed down your camp fire in an allowed location (for example near the beaches) you can cook your fish by simply using them, standing close to a warm camp fire. All fish can be sold at the Meat Market for $$$ Snowballs damage nerfed DMV school no longer accepts taking credit, and made the theoretical test harder to complete Being a garbage man no longer requires you to take the job at the job center, and same goes for being a fisherman Failing a test in the dmv school will result in a 10 minute cooldown Police config modifications
  10. 2019-12-01 Enforce character unique name Improved vehicle labels, which are shown in eg garages (later the same day) fixed garbage job Fixed dealership memory leak by not unloading unneeded models Fixed dealership vehicles that don't despawn. This happens when the code is still waiting for an vehicle to spawn, and you try to switch vehicle Fixed joining transition, blame fivem
  11. You can shuffle seats using the K menu
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