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  1. not sure if anyone is aware or not but when you smoke weed it no longer as an affect
  2. i know we get a notice when somone with a warrent flys into the city but would it be possible to get a section in the mdt were it lets you know who all are currently in the city or a marker next to the warrents indicating that they are in they city it would help marshal figure out if there are any active warrents currently in the city
  3. if some one is wearing a mask could it be possible to have the ability after you kill/knocked them out, to be able to remove there mask
  4. crim job (hitman): go to a npc (like lester) talk to them and get one of three contracts easy, medium, hard contact each one paying a dif amount for completion of the contract the job npc will give you a target npc to go out and hunt in a random location on the map. but to complete each contract you will need to use a random weapon the contract tell you you need to use and for a lil twist to make it a lil more challenging is there is a 1/3 chance another player will get the same contract and same target if they choose the same dificulty as you also make it so you can only get a new contract once every 30-60 min so ppl dont spam it for money. easy contract targets: 10-19k payout. standing or stationary npcs any random location on the map . medium contract targets:20-29kpayout . npcs that like to walk or drive around a local area in any random location on the map . hard contract target: 30-39kpayout. npcs that only eather drive or boat around the whole island making it harder to locate and kill your target ps. not everything in here is ment to be set in stone of course some things can be changed just the base idea i had (edited)
  5. is it possible to fix it so when you start back you bike up (putting it in reverse) your gun dosent come out and get shown in your hand
  6. it would be realy helpfully if gruppe 6 could get a panic button to let the police know when we need help since we are guarding the prison and the banks there are times where we will get attacked since we are the first line of defence for the prison and banks to be able to alert the police that we are being attacked and that we need emergency help
  7. it would be helpfull if the police and gruppe 6 could get a gps marker set on our map when we get a notification for a store or bank robbery ( just like we get auromatic markers for a 10-33)
  8. this post was mine i just didnt notice i wasent logged in on my phone when i submitted this
  9. it shows onle one police on duty on the f 3 menu but i know there a more then just one i was just part of stopping a store robbery as gruppe 6
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