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  1. Disregard this I’m dumb af
  2. A small detail that could help with the realism of the server is adding a custom sound effect for the taser, as well as (if possible) a custom graphic for the taser prongs.
  3. Increase inventory space for cops so that we can properly confiscate drugs, weapons, dirty money, etc
  4. Murphy

    A server side map

    Ohhhhh i got what ur saying, yeah. @Bennington
  5. Murphy

    A server side map

    its broken @Bennington
  6. Implement a map that has postal codes and directions on the minimap. ( N E S W ). Put it on everyone's map so police and civilians can have something standard to go off of. For example: if you tell someone to head to postal Code 42069, Whoever youre talking to will know where that is.
  7. Often times when dealing with situations as a cop, you may be stuck with an AR in your hand when you need to switch to a taser. A front sling would help officers to deal with situations easier. https://gyazo.com/71172ce999cb274a2be22b666d7ce50d
  8. A working burger shot would add diversity to where you could get food, if you decide to make it a white list job it would add new RP to the server https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/working-burger-shot
  9. A realistic taser sound would be small, but pretty cool and add some realism to the RP
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