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  1. Jack Menta

    Vehicle Extras

    It works but you can't see the changes unless you repair the vehicle. but everybody else can.
  2. Hello so the other day I saw a car pass the Pontiac G8 which was missing it's entire body except the skeleton. then when you got within 50-100m it works fine.
  3. Hey so since the phone update I haven't been able to se my phone at all, and found out that my Malwarebytes is completly blocking it. It won't even let me make an exeption because it is so bad. is that something you can look into. Thanks in advance PS: Attached the the file log for the block. Trojan detected.txt
  4. Now this has happend the last 2 out of 3 times I tried to take out the newz heli. It's quite a problem https://youtu.be/pEEps1ot_Kg
  5. Is it also possible to make it so that the way you view it, is like the camera you can carry around?
  6. It's a frogger with a weazel news paint scheme that you as news reporter can spawn. Look's like this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/weazel-news-frogger-add-on
  7. You can't refuel it at the refuel stations.
  8. Would it be possible to get a camara on the pilot side like the with the police heli's so you don't have to man it by two people?
  9. Wondering if it would be possible to get a scanner of some sort, or if it would be okay for weazel news to use the RTO to scan for stories? unless it would be to broken or afraid it would be misused I understand.
  10. That we agree on. If it's the only one. That is a mistake.
  11. When you have confiscated the dirty money, and processed the felon. When you go to evidence you cannot submit it to evidence the only workaround is dropping it on the floor so the world eats it.
  12. Is the truck with a open trunk or is it a covered one. Because if it's a open trunk that would kind of make sense. Wouldn't you say?
  13. Jack Menta


    Has it been implemented?
  14. After a certian amount of time you can't despawn the spikestrips even the ones you placed yourself. Suggest that all cops can lay and remove all other cops spike strips at all times.
  15. I Was fooling a bit around with one of the work trucks, and this happend. Not much else to do than show you.
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