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  1. Marius Streicher, an East-German who was born and raised in Leipzig, Sachsen. As a kid, he loved playing with lego's, building beyond the instructions, but because this is during the time of the Soviet Union downfall, his family rarely had money for luxuries and other amenities, he made do with what he had. This love for engineering and building led to him to interning at his uncle's auto shop. As mentioned before, they were in East Germany, even after Soviet Control, they saw alot of the same cars, primarily the Dacia 1300 because it was the cheapest. He wasn't interested in things that traveled with wheels however, he wanted to take transportation in the skies. As a Child, he was amazed by the Helicopters and Planes that grazed across the sky that seemed weightless just floating along the clouds. He joined the Bundespolizei (BPOL) Aviation Group, and got a ground level job as a Helicopter Technician. Since this was a Federal Job he had, he was making almost double than what his peers in his hometown were making. And since his jobs came with decent education benefits, he had decided to take some classes in Basic Engineering at the Technische Universität Berlin. After serving for about 3 years, he became interested in the privatized air transport industry. He moved to Liberty city and got kidnapped at the Francis International Airport by the Ancelotti Mafia Family after being mistaken as a man that owed them money from their massive extortion rings around the city. After being ID'ed as not their man, he was beaten and let go, dropped off at a street corner. Marius had no connections, no phone, no money, in this new City. He went to the German Embassy and was able to receive a new passport/ID after it was all stolen by the Mob. He was able to go back to his hometown in Leipzig where he stayed there to care for his parent's until they eventually kicked the bucket. He decided to try again a life in the US, and instead of the East coast, perhaps, he'd have more luck in the West. He flew to San Andreas (Where we are now) and is searching for employment.
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