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  1. merk

    Post OP bug

    The post op job seems to have an issue. when you finish doing all of your delivery's you have to drive back to paleto to finish the job, but once u go to finish the job the circle disappears making you unable to re-start the delivery job. I would have to leave the server and re-join to be able to start another delivery job.
  2. Tony Toothpick has helped me on multiple occasions and really helped me get back into ADRP and show me how things are in the city currently. I can tell he cares a lot about the server and is very welcoming to new players and truly wants the best for the server.
  3. when doing the garbage job after you press E to collect garbage, sometimes the circle near the rear of your garbage truck disappears making you unable to complete the job and breaking it entirely, also you are permanently holding a garbage bag in your hand and the only way to fix it is to relog. (not fun when the Queue is 15+)
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