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  1. Feitadi is an overall fun, energetic and kind guy. Everytime I RP'd with him he always provided funny outstanding RP. He is very good at being a cop and looks to give everyone a great RP experience.
  2. I have to agree as well. Mark's RP is very strong I have roleplayed with him as a cop and EMS and he cracks me up everytime. He shows up to a scene knows just what to do and when to do it. I love the jokes he makes which gives me a good laugh so I have something to look forward to. He is always someone you can go to for guidance, a conversation, or help if you need it which makes me feel good in this community. I believe it has the same effect on everyone else. I have not seen a better EMS than mark in my books and I really think he deserves to be noticed. Plus he is very active when he is needed be.
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