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  1. still not showing in game unless it has not been pushed yet Not Fixed
  2. Most of this has already been run past Chubbs and either discussed or on the original wish list.
  3. 1. Change billing to Alt Key away from F6, for Ansley's Air. This has caused danger to the crew in flight. 2. Add a wide variety of Aircraft to purchase by the employees. 3. Give the crew chief role ability to repair aircraft. 4. Add radar blips for aircraft as to help ATC and Flight Ops/Pilots/Sales to better do their jobs 5. Add a PG at Sandy Shores Airport. So that players will use the air service more often. 6. Is it possible to get an ATM at the Airport? For people to withdraw money for tips and employes and deposit paychecks 7. Change hired position from COO to Sales when Hired. When I hire someone they are automatically promoted to COO. 8. Add Ansley Hawk to Fueling Stations, as it is now out of fuel after one run around the map and needs to be refueled. I can not take this aircraft on long flights due to its gas-guzzling nature with no refueling stations.
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