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  1. Issue: The DOJ is unable to search anything in the CAD system, meaning under Citizen and Vehicle Search, none work. In addition, the mobile tablet is also unusable by the DOJ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Steps to Reproduce: 1. Buy a tablet 2. Use tablet with F2 Menu (Results: "You are not authorized to use this") ----------------- 1. Set any DOJ job 2. Use a station anywhere on the map and try to search a name or vehicle plate number and hit enter (Results: Nothing shows up, no error message in the console either) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Expected Results: DOJ is able to use both the mobile tablet and the CAD at the stations/courthouse for paperwork/information purposes.
  2. Issue: Even with an empty inventory, I am unable to buy a gas can from the stations because of the inventory size of the can. Even if it's just to put it in my trunk, I cannot even hold it. Maybe the size should be reduced so we can use it? Reproduction Steps: 1. Go to any gas station with sufficient money of at least $30 2. Attempt to purchase gas can ----------------------------- Error: Gas Can cannot be bought because I am "unable to hold the item" due to inventory limits Expected Results: Gas can can be carried around, even if it takes up a reasonable inventory space.
  3. no, like the menu for vehicle extras like police have. We cannot change what we have on our vehicles, we always have to ask an officer to do it for us.
  4. More RP could be created with a script or something that could create a forest fire, or building fire that we have to respond to occasionally. It would give the fire department something fun to do as well
  5. It would be so much better if we could have vehicles extra added so we can customise and make use of certain features eg. stretchers for our vehicles, not having to try and find and fit them in a car wash. An identification card like the police have will allow us to show our badges/proof of where we work and unit number if required.
  6. There is no building here. Used to be one. The blip to buy is still here
  7. While "import drugs" and things like that can take time to code and make, which I'm willing to help with if necessary, I would like to suggest that current drug processing/collection be moved offshore to small island or stuff so that people make full use of boat garages etc. At this point, everything's on main land, and there's no fun off shore. Just like how aircraft rp were made open to all, boat rp should be improved. not necessarily for the coast guard.
  8. In real life, police and military are able to sling their large rifles and use their sidearm or tasers when needed. This can add to the realism instead of having to "put the rifle back" to pull out a taser etc. It is so much better having just that 1 rifle in front ready to use while still having our sidearm accessible
  9. The UI at the bottom shows the backpack is 1/4 full while there is nothing in the inventory
  10. For those of us involved in the bar business before the wipe. Is it possible to get the job back in so we can run like roadside stalls until we can secure a place like the mechanics?
  11. What Happened: A cop pulled me over and was told to revoke my license. They tried to do so, and I got the notification but it does not remove it from the system and still shows up in the MDT. The character therefore cannot retake the driving test. What Should've Happened: License should be revoked properly, removed from the system and allow the driver at fault to retake test at DMV School
  12. Didn't know there was one. How do we make use of it?
  13. @Chubbs It has not been fixed, I just tested it in the MH65 Dolphin at Sandy Shores and in the Zancudo Base
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