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  1. Adam Garcia moved from Phoenix Arizona as a member of the Phoenix PD. He then saw a ad online of the Bone County Sheriffs Department accepting application. He then placed placed a transfer request and it got denied. He was accepted into the department as a Corporal and worked all his way up to Sargent. During his tenure there he ended up arresting the ol Drug lord in Los Santos a Mr. Jeb McCreedy. After being in the sherrifs department he begun missing working in the city and applied to the Los Santos Police Department. His transfer request was accepted and was having a great time even getting promoted to Staff Sgt. His biggest goals while being in Los Santos is to get in command. He then saw a paper on the bulletin say that they are doing interview for the vacant Lt. position. This was Garcia's time he felt the interview went great. Figured he had the best chance as he was always around when things went down. After hearing he did not get the postition he was pretty upset. He then placed a transfer into the San Andreas Highway Patrol. When he was accepted he was given the postition in taken over the D.O.T. Upon given that he renamed it to C.V.E. "Commercial Vehicle Enforcement". Recently he was given a promotion to LT., hoping to get to Captain next
  2. Just Adam Garcia here
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