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  1. Thanks for the follow! 

  2. Jones


    - Hunting pay has been increased. - Blackmarket location moved.
  3. Jones


    - Added support for new taxi to be used as a job vehicle
  4. You can now delete outfits from your home.
  5. Changed status to Fixed
  6. Changed status to Fixed
  7. The MDT works correctly, you must search a firstname and lastname to gain a result. The police tablet was only created for police.
  8. Jones


    A police tablet will be avaliable for cops in the armory next restart! @Mosh@Jack White
  9. Jones


    Changed Status to Accepted
  10. Suggestion denied. Thank you for your suggestion, but this has been discussed multiple times, and decided that this will not work.
  11. Jones


    We have added an alternatative script, thank you for the suggestion!
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