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  3. Thanks for the follow! 

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    - Hunting pay has been increased. - Blackmarket location moved.
  5. Jones


    - Added support for new taxi to be used as a job vehicle
  6. Jones


    - Added new Airport Garages (Grapeseed, Sandy, Heli-Port) - Added a heli refuel location to the heli-port
  7. Jones


    ATM & Skimmer Update - ATMs no longer show help messages (Use / Skim) - Expanded availability of ATMs through the whole map
  8. Changelog 05/26/2020 Following up recent rule changes, a new in-game mechanic has been introduced. In case you were not familiar, you now have to announce a weapon when initiating from a vehicle. With this change we have enabled a RP way of announcing a weapon. Changed: - You can no longer use your weapons wheel to select a weapon inside a vehicle before "Unholstering" the weapon - New F2 inventory function for weapons that can be used inside vehicles - You can no longer shoot for a long period of time as the driver, other passengers however, can still shoot for a longer time from inside a vehicle - Hidden ease of life feature related to the new feature, find out in-game! How to use the new vehicle weapon system 1. When inside a vehicle press F2 and drag the weapon you want to use into the "USE" slot in the middle of the HUD 2. Select your weapon and shoot while you can! RP NOTIFICATION The notification can be displayed in three colors; green, orange and red. If the text is GREEN then anyone who's in close, visible range of you or your vehicle will see that you unholstered a weapon. If the text is ORANGE it means you have unholstered your weapon in a fast manner and the person who can see the notification is now aware that you have done something inside the vehicle. If the text is RED it means that NOBODY OUTSIDE THE VEHICLE can see that you unholstered your weapon in-RP, the notification will still show to avoid false reports. What if the window/s are broken? If the windows of your vehicle are broken or down, no matter if your message is marked RED, it can still be seen by the person right next to your vehicle! E.g; police officer on a traffic stop standing right next to your window can see you reach if your window is damaged or non existing.
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    - New Police MDT/CAD
  10. Jones

    Change Log

    Changed Release Date to 05/18/2020
  11. Jones

    Change Log

    Split masks between characters. Any previous masks will be to be re-purchased. Fixed local car pack all upgrades should work again Broke wheel pack (some wheels wont work or are gone should be fixed by tomorrow) Added picture for civilian body armor and the notepad
  12. Jones

    Change Log

    - Fixed notification where clocking in as miner said you clocked in as fisherman
  13. - Added an option for Cops to send a player to Community Service (when applicable) instead of jail. - Added a job for Dynasty 8
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