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  1. We have contacted the old owners of the company and they said that they are not going to be using the gruppe6 brand with securoserv. We are now in a loophole of how to gain ownership in regards to taking over the company. We are both very eager and motivated to implement this company into ADRP as there is plenty of room for rp to be made with it. As Well as ourselves having great experience both in game and irl to make a real top notch company with realism. Thanks for your time. From Freeman UPDATED: WE FOUND OUT BY SOMEONE ELSE.
  2. Hello everyone some of you guys know me and some of you guys don't. My name is James Freeman and I used to be part of the BCSO back in the Day but I took a long vacation and now Just got back and now getting my paper in order to move into the city. Hope to see you guys around the city.
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