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  1. using the phone camera app does not remove the UI if you try and text a photo to someone you get stuck in your phone having to relog way to replicate go to text someone in your contacts, hit right arrow, send photo, after the camera app opened and I assume you hit enter to take a photo and to send it but it just freezes you forcing you to relog
  2. like the title says and /togglecinema does not remove the speedometer also make it so /toggleui dissables chat right away so you don't have to do /togglechat and ui in separate commands Thank you Jones<3
  3. wer710

    Ocean Salvage

    can not sell scrap metal the marker of the next location to go to stays on the map after clocking out
  4. basically you would automatically go into the injured walking style if you get ejected out of a car windshield
  5. also add a notification when money gets deposited into the account
  6. similar to what we have here on the website that gains interest over time but you have to pay taxes when you take money out from that account
  7. as the title says add the ability for salesman and management to assign houses
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