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  1. Name: Steven Pliskin Age: 18 Years Experience: 1 A recent transfer from Rockford City, Steven has always dreamed of one day leaving behind the small town in Illinois to be somewhere where the sun is nice and the action everywhere. For him it was a no-brainer to move to Los Santos considering it is the home of action movies and crime. While serving in the Rockford Police Department he spent one year on the SWAT team working his way to Master Sergent. All was great in Rockford but to Steven, he felt stuck. With regulations changing rapidly he felt stressed, until eventually, it was impossible to catch a criminal as Rockford passed a law prohibiting arresting anybody who shot at Police Officers and got shot themselves. Feeling Upset about the laws and regulations in Rockford, Pliskin decided to see if he could join another Police Department somewhere else. That is when he got accepted into the San Andreas Highway Patrol, where he will have to work his way up once more. Now his dream is to get into the Special Response Team where he can utilize his skills once more!
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