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    @Christensen As much as I agree with you and really do want to change everything to be truly realistic, the truth is that the majority of people on our server have very fast cars and bikes that can end pursuits in under 1 minute. For the time being cop cars will be staying as they are until the time is right to slow them down.
  2. Fortunately for you fellers, Mr. Kray has been a Noticed Role-player for quite some time.
  3. If some pesky gangs are robbing you, you didn't hear it from me but tweet for The Company
  4. This is very well written. We can tell you've put time and effort into this backstory and it will be interesting to see you semi "vigilante" RP. Hope you are enjoying the server!
  5. This is a different approach at a character's beginning. Hope you've been enjoying the server!
  6. It is honestly very refreshing when reading your character's backstory. I hope to meet you on the server because you sound like an interesting person I can't wait to interact with. Have fun on our server man!
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