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  1. The story of Luca Corleone, the founder of the businesses that Famiglia Corleone runs and administrates. Luca Coleone, he's name was Luca Mancini, born in 1940 in Cornelone, a small town in Italy. He was 8 when his dad was killed by the Dom, the Dom was the Head of the mafia at that time... He almost died, but his mother gave her life to save his to the same man that killed his father. He then jumped on a boat to America.. and he started working as a janitor in Orlando, Florida. He met a girl, he got married, he made friends. He heard that there was a Dom in Orlando too, but he didn't encounter him.. one day the Dom showed up at the place he was a janitor at and forced the owner to give him a "protection" tax, wich was not really cheap. He saw how easy and feared this man was, he kinda liked that, but hated him for bringing fear in peoples eyes. He planned an attack on him, with his friends. He killed him with a gun, one shot, one kill, no sound, no prints, the perfect crime for an amateur. He took all his money from his home and his person and started gaining people's trust and respect, people came to him for help, because they heard that he killed the Dom, that was terorising people. He shortly became rich because he started prostitution businesses and people giving him money to show loyalty, without his asking for it. He soon moved to Los Santos with a small crew, where he started a drug and weapon running operation that he did without anyone knowing or interupting him. He was feared, he was respected and he was hunted, so he moved for some time from Los Santos somewhere that no one would think of, letting his most trusted mafioso run the businesses while the water calms down... soon to find out that he has cancer and won't live long enough to see his son become a powerful man like him... his son, Marco Coleone is soon to run the businesses.. and be the head of the most powerful Crime Family in America.
  2. Thank you for making me feel like i'm apart of the comunity, we've had our issues 200.000 by number but ;;), we gucci. Thanks for welcoming me so warmly.
  3. Hi, i'm Dan. Most of you know me for the steam names Dan, Coreyt or TFC Kendrick =). I played on this server since 5th of June this year and i must say it was the most pleasant experience in my whole gaming time. I've met people that are begining to be my friends not my play buddies, beautiful people. I've had so much fun since i started, a blast! The police force was one of my best choices, i don't think i can describe the feeling, it's amazing, you get to roleplay a lot of fun/stressful scenarios that can actually affect my mood or calm, it's amazing! I'm from Romania, i'm 18 and i love gaming! Recently i had surgery and i don't think anyone but all of you guys could take my mind off that, even the RDM'ers thank you =). Thank you all for being part of my gaming life =). With love, Dan.
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