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  1. Happy to have you on board!
  2. Welcome to the city Aaron! Looking forward to seeing you around.
  3. Gates

    The life of Matt

    Welcome to ADG buddy. @Matt
  4. @jasonbourne16 Hi Jason, This isn't really a development related suggestion, there's adequate channels to be able to do this in the future if required however the separation of RTO would be a Police Command issue. Thanks, Gates
  5. Hi @SemperFidelis Our bad, we didn't notice the report as it was not filed in the "Staff Complaint" section. We're reviewing the footage and screenshots. Thanks, Gates Head Admin American Dream Gaming
  6. Gates

    Discord Unban

  7. ADRP Rules and Regulations: (See the ADG Discord for the most up to date rules!) **General Server Rules** *Microphone - A microphone is required to join all ADRP servers. *Voice changers - Limited use of voice changers is allowed, the voice changer must sound realistic. *No cheating or exploiting - Use of bugs, menu or scripts or anything to gain advantage is not allowed. *No arguing or impersonating or excessively pestering staff. *You must finish any RP you are involved with no matter what. *You must act civil, disrespectful attitude or behaviour may result in severe punishment. *No Meta gamming *No Power gamming *No Revenge Killing *No RDM - Random Death matching. Killing people without cause reason or rp. *No VDM - Vehicle Death Matching. Running people down with your care without cause reason or rp. *No breaking character - Talking about out of game stuff or acknowledging that it is a game. *No Combat Logging *No Combat Storing - Logging out to ensure you keep your items or after storing item to not get caught with them. *Owned cars may be subject to removal. *Visual mods ARE permitted provided as they do not give you an unfair advantage *No pulse - Should you decide to say that you died in a situation to avoid jail time or RP, you will be made to delete your character as it is considered to be dead. *Good Faith RP - You must always RP in good faith and for good faith. *No erotic Role-play at all. *No idle farming or afk farming, you MUST log off if you're going AFK for an extended period of time, if you're found to be farming a pay check your money may be set to $0.00. * **Whitelisted** employees must be within the ADRP discord whilst on duty, this could be a general channel or your own job channel. * No aim assisting devices/programmes. **Character Rules** *Logic - You must always thing logically when you're in a situation, this is a role-play server you must act how your character would act, always think, would you do it IRL (In Real Life) *You must value your life - Not valuing your life may get you kicked and or told that you must delete your character. *You can not kill someone after you rob them. *Terrorist RP is not allowed * Sniper RP is allowed, HOWEVER, you MUST declare that there is a sniper, whether this is by voice or via twitter, you may not start randomly shooting with no real RP behind it. *Suicide - If you wish to RP as suicidal should you actual commit suicide or say you are dead you will be required to delete your character. This is also known as "/me no pulse" **Civilian Rules** *Theft of emergency vehicles is not allowed *Abuse of game mechanics is not allowed *Cop Baiting is not allowed * Unrealistic Phone use is not allowed - IE using twitter from jail or while in police custody. *Kidnapping - EMS can not be kidnapped without sufficient reasoning to do so. Police Can not be kidnapped OR robed unless there is 3 OTHER officers online. *No string robbing of banks, players or stores. *Leaving or fleeing rp scene, should you return to the scene of the crime to taunt the police or other civilians is unrealistic and can be punished. You are expect to stay and try to remain at large should you flee. *No Jail Evading or Combat Logging *No civilian video evidence is admissible in rp UNLESS you introduce that you are recording in RP. You must make an attempt to make it visible that you're recording, whether you pull out an actual camera or your phone, some attempt has to be made. (Make use of the in game animations) **Zoning Rules** *You cannot rob people at job locations, only whilst they're in TRANSIT!* https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YZTOnRNk0sZC-ZQuZHrNZchsO9CJJ4xTNntiP2NIrhI/edit?usp=sharing OTHER: _RULE ADDED: February 15 2020) Rules about robbing Police/EMS: When robbing an officer/EMS, You can only take the items that they currently have on them. PD: Example. They have a gun belt on, You can take the tazer, Pistol and 1 body armor. Because those are the only items they have on the belt. If they have a Rifle in their hands you can get it also if the proper rules are followed. You cant force the cops to rob the car. EMS: If they have a bag you can take only 1 of each item
  8. With the seatbelt system, when taking your seatbelt on/off at speed you suddenly get ejected from the vehicle and generally pancaked into a wall. (Will provide video soon)
  9. @Newton Coachenski @Mathis
  10. Usually you should NOT suggest yourself for Noticed RP'er....
  11. Gates

    Admin Logging

    Changed Status to Pending
  12. Gates

    Admin Logging

    As discussed in the admin meeting, a way to .warn in game and it's logged in discord automatically.
  13. Amazing, absolutely amazing! @Tourelle4u
  14. Please fix the UsMarshal job (FIB job was incorporated into this) Just need access to Cuffing, Searching, MDT, Dragging etc. Loveeeee You Hawaii!
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