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  1. Added weapon limitations while in/on vehicles/bikes (automatic weapons no longer work while inside/on vehicle/bikes) Added Injury effects visual/physical (Added new screen effects while injured and once you reach a certain health level you will begin to bleed out) BETA Added some of the messing Female LEO EUP back Mini Map now is only available when inside vehicles Minor performance fixes.
  2. Added New Item To Black Market (hmmm) Removed Heavy Sniper MK2, Heavy Sniper And Sniper from Armory and Black Market. You have one week to trade any of these guns in for a Marksmen Rifle ONLY. NO CASH REFUNDS NO OTHER GUN OPTIONS Fixed Exploit with Black Jack Casino where you could see the Dealers Cards
  3. Fixed Crack Mission (no longer beta) Re Enabled Drug Selling
  4. Reworked cool down timers for robberies Paleto bank is now on its own cool down timers. Stores are now on their own cool down timers Smaller Fleeca Banks are now on their own cool down timer Multiple texture performance fixes Possible fix for Crack missions (trucks not spawning) (beta) Possible fix for Bank truck robberies (beta)
  5. Removed Sandy and Los Santos Fire Department MLO's due to performance/texture issues Removed Speedshop MLO due to performance/texture issues Removed 3 different body armor from clothing due to performance/texture issues Repaired Several MLO's for performance/texture issues Repaired Several Clothing Items for performance/texture issues Repaired Gun Textures for Tazer and Carbine Rifle for performance/texture issues Fixed Selling houses (buyer has to relog for map blip to update after purchases)
  6. Adjusted recoil on a few weapons. Adjusted traffic rate. Added some of the custom female clothing back (more to come) Added new used car sales system. Sell your car anywhere using the /sellcar 10000 command. (100000 = price you want to sell it for) https://gyazo.com/b058862aa14e8d1d86f25566e121ed5f
  7. Started Pushing The New EUP Update. (some thing will be missing, everything will be back) (A LOT OF STUFF IS IN DIFFERENT PLACES) Updated drug selling so you selling caps are per drug not combined. Fixed and updated housing issue. AGAIN WARNING YOU HAVE TILL 8/28/2020 TO REMOVE ALL CARS FORM THE USED CAR DEALER OR THEY WILL BE DELETED AND YOU WILL NOT BE COMPENSATED.
  8. Fixed issue with weed plants not spawning back after restarts. (your plants should be back now)
  9. Fixed GPS kits for vehicles stored in police garage and house garages Added new items to black market u tool and 24/7's Added ability to grow your own weed Few Performance fixes
  10. Fixed and Updated Bank truck robbery. (beta) Minor Performance fixes.
  11. Added Car Wash Kit to u tool. Fixed Crack Mission Fixed Bank Truck Robberies Added GPS tracking for vehicles. Anyone can search junk vehicles (pressing e) to find the parts needed to assemble GPS trackers. Mechanics then can assemble the parts into a GPS tracker (using craft menu) for a cost of $50,000 Mechanics then can install the GPS Tracker into cars at a cost set by each shop individually.
  12. Few Minor performance fixes Added new Trucking job (Job Center) Reworked handling files for big rig trucks.
  13. Fixed Animal Hunting/Skinning. (You can now use the Musket Heavy Shotgun or Marksmen Rifle) Fixed issue with dealership inventory list displaying spawn names instead of Car names Added 2nd Job activity Food Truck. No need to quit current job. (Buy a food truck drive around and sell food items to locals) Added 2nd Job activity Bus Driver with ranking/pay raise system. No need to quit current job. (Go to bus depot) Fixed issue that causes Motorcycle locking/repairing difficulty Fixed issue that was causing cars to disappear more often then typical fivem shit
  14. Fixed issue with vinewood crashing (final) Fixed issue with mass ped spawn on the map (final) Fixed issue preventing players form using high and very high textures while using fivem's canary client(beta as hell) Fixed issue with multiple players not being able to enter a vehicle (final) Fixed multiple exploits (beta) Fixed issue with cars bugging in LS Customs (beta) Fixed disappearing inside of many buildings (beta) Fixed minor performance issues
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