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  1. Should of used the verbiage of IN THE CITY. Seems to get the best results
  2. Chachi

    Leon's Intro

    Proper read thanks for that !
  3. That's fucking solid. Well done ! Forgot to mention the city 48 times tho! GG my man loved the read.
  4. It's going to be good I'll DM you
  5. If it was not in the city it was def near the city or I was thinking about the city. Who the fuck knows anymore man my alzheimers is flaring up. Get off my lawn!
  6. Did I mention this was in the city? @Chubbs bastard
  7. Chachi has started to feel accomplished in his new city. His family name is getting around and making proper connections through the city. He has managed to acquire a record label in the city and is well on his way to a new cab company to offer his family and citizens a steady pay check as well as grand interactions with old and new civs in the city. He feels he is moving his family in the right direction and fades away into a deep sleep anticipating grand adventures in the city.
  8. Guarantee you will enjoy your time here
  9. Just flew into the city with my family in tow. Started getting the criminal empire setup and some land purchased to house all 10 of us. I've been checking out the workings of the city and meeting people learning who does what. I laid my head down last night I faded away with all the options he has located for his new family. He slowly falls into slumber knowing the possibilities are endless.
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