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  1. merciful


    Away that everyone can know if there's any ems on duty. There are plenty of time people get driven to the hospital because they didn't know ems was on and we drive to there location when there already on the way to the pill box. Ok that's all for now have a good day all.
  2. Hope everyone is doing well 

  3. Hello everyone how everything lol

  4. ok i see it when i post it lol i guess it's the same color
  5. i have been a member for 2 months now and haven't received any tokens i put a support ticket and haven't had anyone help yet. i don't know if you get one for the first month you sign up but im at the second month now
  6. merciful

    Theme ADG Site

    How do i change the theme on the adg site i did FIB but need to change it back. Thanks in advance for the response to who ever replies
  7. Add some yellow hazard lights on the top so when where working people in the city know to slow down.
  8. merciful

    Bronze members

    How do I collect the bronze car token and use it?
  9. Just trying to join a great server in the whole bunch of great people

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