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    I'm Richard Hansen, brother of the renowned Chris Hansen. I moved to Los Santos yesterday to start a new life. Tired of living in my brothers shadow I came to chase my dream of working in EMS. I currently work for Beekers Garage so if you ever need some repairs just let me know. How do you know it's me? Well I am glad you asked! I have the biggest forehead and the best mullet that this town has ever seen. Completed with my trusty flip flops. Me and a few Co-Workers will be starting an Only Fans on the tweeters where we will be doing YOUR favorite poses beside cars we just fixed. If you see me around, take it a little easy, not only am I new to town, I am new in general. I may need help remembering what muscle to flex sometimes as my arms and legs often fall asleep. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
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