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  1. Welcome to the fisherman job guide, I'm going to show you the basics and how to do this job correctly First your going to go to the job center Then when you arrive you walk into the building then you will see a lady at the front desk, You are going to hold your ALT key then hover the eye over the lady and when its blue you right click then left click View jobs. Once you do that there will be a list of jobs you will click Fisherman Once you press it it will congratulate you on becoming a fisherman Once you have got the job your going to want to make your way to the fishing shop its on Great ocean highway Once you arrive to the shop your going to want to but a fishing pole and some bait After you get your stuff to fish your going to want to go to the fish restaurant so you can go on duty Your going to walk to the man that's in the front of the shop and hold you alt over him then press go on duty Once you get your equipment to fish and you're clocked in, head to the fishing location marked on the map Once you're at the spot your going to drag the fishing pole to use in your inventory then it will pull out the pole then on the top left it will say to press G to cast your line when you cast it it will take a piece of bait from your inventory. After your line being in the water for a bit a fish will bite your line and a little mini game will pop up and you have to press E when the black line is in the green area. If you do it right you are supposed to get a fish, there are different kinds of fish you could catch and they are all different prices. when you are done fishing your are going to back to the fish restaurant then go to the guy in front then hover your alt over him then select sell fish when you will get money depending on how much fish you got once you finish you could go off duty You now know how to do the fisherman job congrats and have fun
  2. Welcome to the Delivery Driver job guide, this will teach you everything you need to know! Once you're here you will see a lady at the front desk, hold your alt menu and hover the eye over the lady. When you see that the eye is blue you are going to right click then click View jobs. Once you open the menu there will be different jobs you could choose from this is where you choose your job which will be a Delivery Driver. Congrats you are now a delivery driver Once your job is set to Delivery Driver you are going to make your way to the Delivery Shed There will be a white arrow this is where you will pull out your work vehicle You will get a van with supply to deliver to different places Once you pull out the van you will get a marker on your GPS, This is where you are going to have to deliver these products Then to delver it you simply walk to the door them press 'E' to deliver it You may have to delver a few products to the same place but when you finish it will give you a new location to go to There will be a delivery point where you have to go inside the store it's the same thing except you go inside and put it in the fridge Once you feel like you have delivered enough products you could go back to the warehouse then put the van away Once you finished and you put your van away you come to this computer to collect your pay slip once you collect it you will get paid depending on how much you delivered. Congrats you have completed the Delivery job have fun
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