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  1. Chang ended up developing a Napoleon complex, during his rise to campus security guard. leading him into thinking he could take back Greendale community college using children as his public enforcement officers, as well as the cheap labor. Yes Shirley became an obsession of his following the divorce from his wife. She was a women who had attempted college almost 20 years prior to coming to Greendale and was a student of professor Chang's. He admitted to her prior to him losing his job that he had feeling for her. This was before he was pepper sprayed and had a restraining order put on him. At a Halloween party the student body had roofied the punch that both Shirley and Chang drank at a student gathering. Chang had recalled the actions that he must have done with Shirley and claims that he had done the deed with Shirley.
  2. Benjamin Franklin "Ben" Chang, is a long time employee of Greendale Community College who has worked at the school in various capacities. His known family includes a mother who refused to breastfeed him as a child, a deceased twin sister named Connie whom he claimed to have eaten in utero and a brother known only as Rabbi Chang. He was also at one time happily married to a woman named Alessandra. Chang started his nearly decade long association with Greendale as a Spanish teacher. This job came to an end after an anonymous source revealed to Dean Pelton that he faked his teaching credentials. Chang was immediately fired but was allowed to enroll at the school as a music student with hopes of also earning a legitimate teaching degree. However, his personal life took a turn for the worse when he and his wife got divorced. This was due to him having gotten roofied and having an affair with another student at a Halloween party. He was kicked out and after a brief stay at Jeff Wingers apartment, eventually took up residence in the Greendale ventilation system. Dean Pelton learned about his situation and hired him to be a campus security guard. Chang grew mentally unstable during this time and used his job to stage a coup d'état and took over the school. After his "regime" came to an end, he returned to the school months later claiming to have amnesia. He was gradually accepted back and Shirley even employed him at her sandwich shop. Ultimately, he eventually dropped the ruse, went to jail for his crimes, and was put in a work-release program employed at Greendale as a math teacher. His current position at school is unknown, but he is now officially a member of the "Save Greendale Committee". Chang's hobbies include paintball, playing keytar, riding his scooter, and snowboarding. He also used to swim regularly at the local YMCA. Now has escaped to Los Angeles to start again as Senior Chang. A failed teacher husband, and possible father to Shirley's new baby.
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