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  1. Roger Shmitty has been detrimental to RP as a whole I cannot even begin how much RP has not only been created but its been fantastic and just a high quality Role Player in general. Creative and passion is what that man is and deserves NRP no doubt.
  2. Carter, is unique he's the worst driver in the city; I mean he is the dude that crashes a yact into an ocean. It's always an adventure with Carter, you know something bad is going to happen. Death is inevitable, hence why its fun to be around Carter. It's consistently new adventures, and from where he started to where he is today I think most of you know who he is and hes always looking to make that extra buck, he plays the backstory to WHO Carter really is. Bro you deserve it and I hope you get it.
  3. Gravy, has been an essential role in the Role Play community for ADG. Every time something goes down; Gravy is part of it, he's always either causing or preventing scenarios which all of been enjoyable. I think as a Blood member there's a more in depth story line then just Gravy; This unpredictability and aggressiveness leads him to be feared and respected, he's also been playing a Cadet which I've had fun with. I would want to see more of Gravy and I would recommended him to be a NRP like WHO doesn't know who Gravy is?
  4. Hello, I made a purchase for the gold car token and it is not showing up in my in game account.
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