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  1. Aymen Hultman


    Welcome and hope you like the stay here at ADG
  2. In-game Character Name MINGO LILFOLKS Name of the player(s) you're reporting MINGO LILFOLKS I have attempted to resolve this issue No Date of the incident 05/19/2021 Time of incident 15:45 pm GMT Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident Ive been watching a guy with the twitch name of LilFolksMG. Today when i rp:ed with him, he broke out of character alot of times today, 1 time on twitter, and alot of times with me in the car, when me and my friend were about to kill him he were shouting that he were going to disconnect alot of times. When my friend pulled up with his car behind me, thats when he disconnected and he were streaming it, he also have adg content creator tags in discord. Add your evidence i dont have the evidence but he have it on his stream I have read the terms Yes
  3. wow i already like this guy looking forward to RP with Welcome to American Dream Roleplay Gaming
  4. idk why but my vote keeps disappearing
  5. There is a lot to do in this server, hope you have a fun stay as I do and welcome to the server but also the community
  6. yeah, like agree, i like his firefighter guy and how he can be so funny sometimes.
  7. Welcome to the city!! hope you like the stay and im locking forward to mete you
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