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  1. Hi! My names Custard and I’m the right wing pilot for The Aeroknots, we’re a fivem based 6-ship display team. A couple of us play on the server and would like to put on our signature display for the wonderful people of this server. We’re not just a random demo team, we’re a few years old and very dedicated. We’ve performed for the likes of AcePilot2k7 as well as being featured on his and some other streams/videos/Instagram posts. I’ve been in contact with PaX about possibly setting up an airshow! We fly customs livery’s on f-18’s with custom handling and flight suits. If this is something that is possible and appealing to the devs and admins of the server you can find me on discord, my username is CustardCakes! thank you for your time and I hope we can make an arrangement!
  2. Got caught in between two feuding gangs last night and I found myself being honestly scared! Really good rp!
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