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  1. Welcome to the Post Op Job Guide. Today I will be showing you how to complete your job as a Post Ops driver! 1. Head to the job center, walk into the purple circle to get your job title 2. Head to your clock-in location. 3. Get into your truck! 4. Drive to your Drop off location. 5. Grab your package out of the back of your truck. 6. Drop your box off at the location shown. Congratulations you have completed your first run! Keep going from location to location! Remember, Don't speed or you may get pulled over.
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    Welcome aboard, If you need anything, don't hesitate to contact a member of staff!
  3. This situation has been dealt with, thankyou for reporting it to the staff team!
  4. @Alucard Detepes Welcome to the city!
  5. Welcome to the City!
  6. Welcome to the City!!
  7. Welcome! We hope you enjoy it here, we are glad to have you!
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