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  1. Tardif is an amazing Roleplayer and I would very much love to see him get NRP
  2. Oh ok where should I bring it up?
  3. We should have LSPD BCSO and SAHP on seperate channels unless needed because were starting to talk over people and its hard to hear what is happening in your own juristiction, i think with the radio system being in game for realism this is another step in the realism direction because real life cops arent all in the same radio channel each juristiction has its own channel and they swap if they need something or are needed.
  4. I would like to suggest enhanced vehicle actions as a script, it would add to the realism because when you turn the wheel and get out it keeps the wheel turned it would also help the police because IRL cops do it for safety due to if the car gets hit from behind it doesnt slam into the vehicle they have stoppped.
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