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  1. Reported by Cosby, could be used by crims to hide if they knew about it.
  2. A lot of issues that are happening to you and not other players can often be solved by clearing your cache, while this is not a guarentee fix it will work a lot of the time and is the first thing staff will tell you to do. Step 1: Right click FiveM and "Open file location" Step 2: Double click "FiveM Application Data" to open it Step 3: Delete "caches.xml" from inside this folder Step 4: Open the folder named "cache" Step 5: Delete everything inside this folder EXCEPT the "game" folder Congratulations you just cleared your Cache, when first loading into the server you may get stuck when downloading everything again, just exit and launch again and you should be fine.
  3. I'm gonna vote this one a no too. Not really seen any good cop rp, and his crim rp is even worse, always has an excuse to argue even if wrong.
  4. Mosh

    missing stuff

    You load in too quickly, before selecting a character leave it on the screen for a few minuites to give the database a chance to catch up.
  5. Mosh

    Police armoury

    When trying to access the police armoury as a CPL nothing happens and access to all other job sites (garage, clocking in/out) is lost can still see the arrows to clock out just cant use them. After speaking to Engstrom he also had the issue with the Cpl rank
  6. Mosh


    Also could we get F7 on motorcycles to bring up MDT? They have a GPS/Tablet already mounted to the bike.
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