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  1. Not to mention there was also a vehicle explosion right next to the guy
  2. If you pay close attention he was clearly shot in the arm and in the head, also failure to value life no cop in real life would EVER think about charging a man that far away who has a handgun mowing them down. Body armor would do nothing since he was shot in the arm and in the head btw. Not the first time officers have broken clear rules.
  3. In-game Character Name Darquis Palmer Name of the player(s) you're reporting 1 I have attempted to resolve this issue Yes Date of the incident 06/16/2020 Time of incident 6:00 PM EST Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident I was temp banned for camping some guys revive in game. I was told by an admin by the name of "Syke" that I am allowed to camp someone's revive in order to get them to forget our encounter. Add your evidence Contact me on discord the details cannot be explained through text, it would be really hard to explain. My discord is: Durag Cookie#7657 I have read the terms Yes
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