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  1. I beleive K should get NRP i have never been in a situation with K where he hasnt provided good rp or gone out of charcter yes you can say this for alot of people but the RP k provides is always fun for boths side, im sure alot of people can agree on this
  2. I believe that Rush is well deserved for NRP at this point he does some of the greatest RP even with his stupid firefighter hat and never lets people have a shit day
  3. Brabbs

    Kyle Krez

    We appreciate you coming to ADG, welcome, @KyleKrez
  4. All am a say is he is an amazing ropeplayer every situation i see him in he provide some of the best rp in the server maybe even the best rp.
  5. NGL i dont think he deserves nrp all ive heard about billy walker is bad and also on cop james isnt the best rpier. there are rules that need to be read and there isnt a excuse of saying i didnt see it or blame dysnc. a good rpier would carry on with the rp even if it was dysnc. and every rp ive seen by u is just guns blazing no rp in it. it does get really boring some times
  6. From when i put this post up i have seen him in diffrent perspective and he goes into admin wait alot and causes gov issues when they shouldnt even be a gov issue so i do take my statement back
  7. Great roleplayed love going pit bike racing stays in charcter and in general is awesome at rp
  8. +1 he's a great mechanic and a great rp'er in general
  9. I have taken back my statement about steve stone and dont think he should have it.
  10. Cpl Feitadi for noticed roleplayer Every time i've seen Feitadi or been in a situation he has been amazing in any situation In my opinion this should be easyily deserved for him
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