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  1. I honestly have no idea how Phil does not have NRP yet! In every scenario he makes it funny and always in character. No one would disagree on giving him NRp
  2. I agree, the guy doesnt deserve NRP. He was at all times providing 0 rp and also i feel like he breaks alot of rules. He also sometimes starts something like a shooting without initiating it. He also barely knows what the rules are and also, if you want NRP you have to be well known in this community. I would say most people dont know who he is and also most of them hate him because of his cop. And i dont get how they are saying hes fib when he isnt lol.
  3. In-game Character Name Kenan Alsbeih and Youssef Saud Name of the player(s) you're reporting Billy Walker I have attempted to resolve this issue No Date of the incident 07/10/2020 Time of incident 2 Pm GMT+3 Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident Earlier today i was playing on my crim when billy walker came up to me and started speaking to me and stalling so his friends can come by. When they all came they decided to rob me ad kill me. I noticed Billy doing something /me kills which he stated it means i cant wake up anymore and have to force respawn. Later in the day i went on my cop and they came to MRPD for something to do with a lawsuit. Him and a couple of his buddies were breaking rules from the start with them cop baiting and using 911 to get my attention. So at MRPD a guy punched me then ran from me so i ran after him then his buddies didnt initiate and kille dme. They did the same to the FIB agent and use /me kills and /me takes bodycam so we cant use them and that we wont wake up. He also has been a shitlord from the start when he used to be at LSPD but now hes at BCSO but my encounters with him are always non enjoyable and he barely knows how to rp properly. Add your evidence I can show evidence whenever you would like, my discord is K9£1733 I have read the terms Yes
  4. In-game Character Name Kenan Alsbeih Name of the player(s) you're reporting Joey Diaz I have attempted to resolve this issue Yes Date of the incident 04/26/2020 Time of incident 11 am est (was 6 pm my time) Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident Basically i was selling a car outside the used car dealership and he was outside, i used to have beef with him and his friends but later i contacted the admins because he kept cheating and breaking server rules. He was in his car with his friend just sitting there and i greeted them in a good way. He started saying u selling the ugly ass mercedes, when his friend that was in the passenger seat has the same one. he probably used F3 to check me because i changed up my clothes and everything. He then proceeds to shoot me and kill me. This isnt the first time ive had issues with him and his friends. I talked to admins 5 times about 5 different situations here he broke the rules. Add your evidence i dont have evidence of him killing me but i have video after he killed me. The guy in the car isnt joey, i was selling him a car. He witnessed him kill me. https://youtu.be/cR1b5bc9vt0 I have read the terms Yes
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