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  1. American Dream Gaming, more like Communist Party Gaming. 

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    2. MooseJuice


      I've come to grips a while ago. Now I just do this to fill some time. You all are delusional. And that's fine. You can word your replies to make yourselves sound as good as you need to, but the truth is known. There is a reason why your members are leaving the community, whether dipping from the server all together or taking a nice break from the laziness within the community and the communist approach to the city day by day. I would 't take returning to this community as a compliment. Snowflakes aside, it's easy gaming and your server has no security for fun things to do. Crime is easy when no one is banned for "dank hacks" in the server. But that's alright... I'm sure there's no way I'll ever get back in the server... certainly not through vpns, alt steam accounts, etc... Moose will always live on in your city. His influence will always shine bright. The people love Moose more than they love Communist Dream Gaming! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE!

    3. Newton Coachenski

      Newton Coachenski

      Thanks for the update. Make sure your tinfoil hat is strapped tight. It should be a fun ride. 

    4. MooseJuice


      That's what I keep telling your mom 😉

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