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  1. Do you remember why you were banned from the discord?
  2. Wow very great writing, honestly felt like I was starting a new book when I began to read. Also love the name! Welcome
  3. Chang deserves to be locked up!!!
  4. So my question is how did Chang grow mentally unstable from being a campus security guard? Busting to many frat parties or the Sorority girls messing with this head? Also who is Shirley? I'm curious is she the student who he got roofied by? Welcome to American Dream Roleplay Gaming
  5. I mean come on it's Wild Nolen. Longest resident in the city.
  6. How about you give some context instead of a random dot reply? You down vote people without even saying why to help them improve.
  7. I think I met you yesterday from your details, were you dead in a bus? lol
  8. geez so much to go off, it's like I've known you my whole life.
  9. Chubbs

    Kyle Krez

    Kinda confused, did they get to keep their green cards? Welcome
  10. Welcome to the city, watch out for the British they are still salty that they needed to leave England to enjoy life here in America
  11. Welcome Mando. We hope you enjoy your stay! Other than that not to much to go off of with your introduction. Hopefully this will be your permanent city.
  12. Chubbs

    Change Log

    Fixed Dogs not able to detect all drugs All police should now get notified of robberies Notifications for robberies Optimized a ton of scripts for performance work vehicle spawner fixed /keybinds command Mechanics not able to adjust profit percentages Improved Repair kits have been improved along with progress and animation Weapon Damage Weapon Range of multiple weapons. Short range guns hold more power, long range or high fire rate hold less power Global store and bank robberies Added flee notifications for robberies Alert on banks happen soon as the alarm is triggered Reduced the length of the driving test New Liveries now available in customs Added headlight colors shown in menu When reloading if you have a clip it will auto use the item Option to see your business funds Choose spawn menu when you die Clothing for taxi job EUP Clothes thanks to our new eup dev (Johnson)
  13. Chubbs

    Change Log

    Fixed bank truck robberies issue of not spawning coke missions issue of truck not spawning being able to steer your car while in air repair kits to only repair enough to get your car to a mechanic revive notification when using defib removed 2nd tow truck in mechanic shop changed max bet in casino to 250k Vehicle Textures Assets Textures Changes Pay for hunting was raised Pay for robberies was raised Pay for lumberjack was raised Blackmarket location was changed New notifications for inventory Spawn system, when you die and force respawn you will be able to select to spawn Customs shops Custom RGB painting for vehicles Colored headlights in new customs is now available Lumberjack activity (all you need is a hatchet) K9 menu for cops (NPC dog that can sniff for drugs / attack) EUP menu for cops to access their outfits when clocking on. lockpick process Robbery system (no more waiting, must crack safes) Bank robberies (need a access card that you get from bank truck) Scoreboard Trailers to haul your own vehicles Queue based on Discord Taxi meter when you are a taxi driver Handcuff keys available in black market Please continue to use the bug reports and suggestions!
  14. I don't know if you are like me but staring at the same ui for so long get's boring. We will be redoing the whole of the inventory and bringing back dropping of items.
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