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Report a Player - Billy Walker

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  • In-game Character Name
    Kenan Alsbeih and Youssef Saud
  • Name of the player(s) you're reporting
    Billy Walker
  • I have attempted to resolve this issue
  • Date of the incident
  • Time of incident
    2 Pm GMT+3
  • Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident
    Earlier today i was playing on my crim when billy walker came up to me and started speaking to me and stalling so his friends can come by. When they all came they decided to rob me ad kill me. I noticed Billy doing something /me kills which he stated it means i cant wake up anymore and have to force respawn. Later in the day i went on my cop and they came to MRPD for something to do with a lawsuit. Him and a couple of his buddies were breaking rules from the start with them cop baiting and using 911 to get my attention. So at MRPD a guy punched me then ran from me so i ran after him then his buddies didnt initiate and kille dme. They did the same to the FIB agent and use /me kills and /me takes bodycam so we cant use them and that we wont wake up. He also has been a shitlord from the start when he used to be at LSPD but now hes at BCSO but my encounters with him are always non enjoyable and he barely knows how to rp properly.
  • Add your evidence
    I can show evidence whenever you would like, my discord is K9£1733
  • I have read the terms
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This was already dealt with when we had a conversation after your incident at MRPD.  Billy walker and his friend were already informed of what is and isn't allowed in this city.  You were also informed that you could still pursue the issue IC since you had video and you were not force re-spawned.

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