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Ray Palmer


Ray is still working for the Downtown Cab Co while maintaining a low profile while doing so. The heat around the big heist they did has started to cool off, ray reads the papers everyday and makes sure he is up to date. He is still trying to figure out a way to launder his money from the robbery.

He still loves his job as a taxi driver and has been promoted to a manager for the company which is a great thing for Ray. Ray is still considering starting a business up for him self and who knows, that day might be closer than he thinks. He's started up a new hobby for him self which is drifting and racing! Ray loves the rush he gets when racing, he is not that good at it yet but he still enjoys it. 

He sometimes goes offroading as well if the weather is good. 


Ray Drifting



Ray chatting with his fellow employees



Ray Offroading


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