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Report a Player - Joey Diaz

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  • In-game Character Name
    Kenan Alsbeih
  • Name of the player(s) you're reporting
    Joey Diaz
  • I have attempted to resolve this issue
  • Date of the incident
  • Time of incident
    11 am est (was 6 pm my time)
  • Please provide details and explain what happened in this incident
    Basically i was selling a car outside the used car dealership and he was outside, i used to have beef with him and his friends but later i contacted the admins because he kept cheating and breaking server rules. He was in his car with his friend just sitting there and i greeted them in a good way. He started saying u selling the ugly ass mercedes, when his friend that was in the passenger seat has the same one. he probably used F3 to check me because i changed up my clothes and everything. He then proceeds to shoot me and kill me. This isnt the first time ive had issues with him and his friends. I talked to admins 5 times about 5 different situations here he broke the rules.
  • Add your evidence
    i dont have evidence of him killing me but i have video after he killed me. The guy in the car isnt joey, i was selling him a car. He witnessed him kill me. https://youtu.be/cR1b5bc9vt0
  • I have read the terms
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We have reviewed your evidence and the server logs.  There is no log that you were killed by Joey Diaz.   According to the logs you had no death at all on the 26th.  Our reccomendation if this continues is you employ one of the many programs that allows you to record up to 5 mins in the past.  Please feel free to file another report if this happens again. 
Included is the photo of our server logs showing your deaths.

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