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LeeLu Yves (that dancing lady)

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   My name is LeeLu Yves, I am 22 years old. I was born in a small town with not many things you could do, and the schools were trash on education. When I turned 18 years old, I moved out of my parent’s house whom of which were not that great. My parents did a lot of hard drugs, so I stay away from doing/trying out drugs as I saw what it did to my parents and how they treated me when on drugs. They would either forgot I existed for days on end leaving me to find scraps for food just so I would only starve for a few days at a time. Or they would pick on me in the meanest of ways, making me cry and hide from them. But I found joy in one thing which I would zone out alone in my room doing and that was dancing. I loooove to dance, it makes my heart happy! I may be short at 5 foot but that will never slow me down. After I move out from living with my parents, I was going to a local dance studio with what little money I made, working as a dancer at a low end dance club (with music like trance and dubstep), to pay for a membership at the studio. I moved recently too San Andreas aka American Dream and I would love to work dancing somewhere. At this point in my life anything is a step up from that crappy club I used to work at.
   I can stay the one thing I love that my parents gave me is my name, I think it suits me well for being a dancer. Though, the only other kind of experience I have was learning from my older cousin about how to work on cars, so I could be a mechanic if I wanted to, with a little more training I feel. My cousins are Linzey (the mechanic) and Janna who I more looked up too. They had another sister, but she went down a dark path of motorcycle “gangs” and was never to be seen again. Those cousins of mine adopted someone as there family too, who is Mia which also learned to be a mechanic from Linzey. But I look up to Janna more as she owns her Taco business and is a wonderful and amazing dancer, she could also throw one help of a punch too; when me, my cousins and their adopted one (Mia) were being bullied. I could go on more about me and my cousins, but I’ll just leave this at that!!

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