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Buck Witham

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Buck comes from a long line of trailer park royalty. He grew up on Spam, Vienna sausages, and zebra cakes. From the age of 12, he learned to wash those down with an ice warm bud light, because his family didn't have a refrigerator to speak of. Buck came up with no friends, and one pet his whole life. That glorious chest hair. You might have seen it around. Maybe at the corner store, the car dealership, or the strip club. Tangled in an oversize load, mess of gold chain. Buck recently went all in with some friends to start up the Hell's Angels San Andreas chapter. Being the 9th most bad ass man in the city(conservative estimate based on a poll of 107 people done by Toxic Masculinity Lifestyle Magazine), Buck is a natural fit in the biker club lifestyle. He doesn't want any trouble with anyone, so just don't Buck Witham, and you'll all get along fine. If you see Buck around, with his signature mullet, and chest hair that Vidal Sassoon dreams of for a commercial shoot, say what's up to the man! He will likely be on a Harley, or might be in a supercar, but his white trash royalty roots run deeper than the roots of that holy hairline running down to the mountain of socks stashed in his pants to keep the ladies honest, so don't get it twisted.



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Angels was corrected to Angles in original post

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