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Akande Okunola

Akande Okunola

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Akande Okunola came to San Andreas with a law degree and a dream. That dream was to fight the same corruption that lead to his father being murdered by government officials in Nigeria. He knew he wouldn't be able to come to America and immediately start practicing law, so he got a job at the Cab Company and waited until he was able to take the bar exam. When the time came, Akande passed the exam with flying colors and subsequently accepted a job offer as a public defender. He believed that he would be able to stop corruption by working closely with the local government and by providing proper legal counsel to those who were otherwise not able to afford an attorney. However, Akande was ostracized because of his accent and found it very difficult to find clients who were in true need of help. He took a several month-long vacation to meditate over what he wanted to do with his life; and upon returning back to the city, he was let go.


Akande came to understand that the corruption in San Andreas was not just limited to the police force, but deeply routed in the heart of the government, and the soul of every citizen. He knows now, that in order to truly purify the state of San Andreas, he is going to have to resort to less legal means.

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